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    Oxyuraa, 19 october 2020 07:21

    How To Get Better FPS in Roblox !

    These days, as far as I have seen, Roblox has became laggier (in terms of performance). Many people have been affected by it, including me. After weeks & weeks of researching and testing, I have successfully found many ways to overcome this problem which i'm going to share in this article today!

    Note :-- Some FPS fixes are only for laptops and PCs, sorry mobile gamers :(

    • Close other applications :- This is self-descriptive, am i right? Simply close all other running apps, including Steam and Discord and Chrome and all that, they suck up a lot of resources.

                 Assured FPS boost -- (depends upon the applications closed)

    • Turning Down The Graphics :-This is pretty dumb, but the graphics level has a major thing to do with your FPS lag. Keeping your graphics to level 1 or level 2 is  what I recommend, for it will not be a huge headache to your device, while increasing the FPS. Also, it is the simplest fix to the issue.

      [btw dont set your graphics to "Automatic" often, even through it reduces the render distance, it amplifies the graphics, negating the FPS boost]

      Assured FPS boost -- From 5 to 30 FPS

    • Changing the graphics engine :- This fix has a large FPS payout, after the Graphics Slider one. As everyone knows, there is no proper settings panel in the Roblox Player, but one thing you might not know is that this setting panel is actually in Roblox Studio ! And now to change the graphics type, follow these steps--

      a) Open a Baseplate file in Roblox Studio (no we are not making a game) 

      b) Goto File>Settings>Game

      c) Set your graphics level to 1, and your graphics type to OpenGL or something else, choose what your GPU handles the 
      best. In case you dont know, but you atleast know that you have a non-Apple device, set it to OpenGL. Also, if you are using a Apple device, set it to Metal graphics.

      Assured FPS boost -- From 3 to 10 FPS


    • Fiddling with other settings :- Now we are getting a bit wacky about it. I recommend not doing this unless you are really annoyed about the FPS issue, and are getting less than 30 FPS on an average. (this can be used for other games as well)

      I am going to divide this step into multiple other steps, but will not go deep into it as it will make the article super L O N G.

      a) Overclock your GPU - There are multiple ways to do it, search it up Google to do it. Btw there is some risk in it, 
      for you can damage your device if you do it wrong, dont forget to take precautions.

      Assured FPS boost -- From 0.5 to 5 FPS

      (image simply for reference, do not copy my settings, for the GPUs are going to be different)

      Note :- This method wont work if you dont have a Dedicated GPU, sad

      b) Increasing the priority of the application -- This is a bit less risky, but the risk is still there. To do this, run any game on roblox, open Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc), goto the Processes Tab and then right click on RobloxPlayer.Then goto Set Priority and choose High (dont ever choose Realtime, just dont)

      Assured FPS boost -- From 1 to 5 FPS

      (this is how it looks like in Windows 7, idk how to do it in other OS)

      c) Delete the textures -- This might lead to the graphics changing a lot, to do this, simply go to your Roblox Player's 
      file location, then goto PlatformContent > pc > textures and then delete everything other than the ".dds" files and the sky folder.

      Assured FPS boost -- (not confirmed)


      After doing one of the above steps or so, well here you are, WITH A GREAT FPS BOOST !!! Even through i cannot guarantee these will work or not, they will make a slight change or so :/

      Have a good day, reader <3

    Rate this article How To Get Better FPS in Roblox !

    (4.61/5) 4950 rates

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    thx for the tips to reduce my lag

    20 october 2020 11:15

    I very hate roblox but ur article can help the roblox's players

    12 december 2020 16:38

    My game is a little bit smoother now, thanks to you

    26 april 2021 06:31

    me das 10000 robux gratis ?

    11 may 2021 17:57

    this article is very useful to those that have low end devices

    25 april 2021 23:42

    stay safe guys o.o

    9 january 2021 12:47

    welp i did a mistake in the images :/, also pls do tell me what all can i do to make this better... thx again

    21 october 2020 05:41

    I would actually recommend against overclocking your GPU if you're on a laptop cause laptop VRMs aren't designed for overclocking unless you're buying the expensive ones
    user beware

    26 october 2020 15:38

    wow but i must say seeing fps improvement walkthrough in YouTube is far better to understand

    19 october 2020 16:53

    the article is cool for lagger but if you use that guide your roblox textures will gone some week but still good article
    theres other type how to overclock but make sure theres proper cooling or ealse your house will set into FIRE

    24 october 2020 18:04