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    Rate this article "Happy Wheels [Flash Game] - Review"

    (4.5/5) 2 ratings
    noobda, 5 december 2017 18:52

    Happy Wheels [Flash Game] - Review

    I have to say this is one of the best web browser based games available which also has the android and iOS versions. I have to warn you that this game requires Adobe Flash Player enabled in your browser in order to play this game on your PC. This game was released on June 4th 2010 but at the time of its initial release it was nothing special, but later on it was even played by the youtube legend Pewd... and later on with its awesome community created maps, this game touched heights of fame and became so popular....

    Read along to find out more about this game....

    Happy Wheels: A RagDoll Physics 

    based game....

    This game is a completely Flash Player based game and requires no graphics card or huge amounts of CPU power or RAM, all it requires is a little bit of RAM and some CPU usage, that's it. The addiction levels of this game are quite understandable after playing the game for a while, I can say that this game is an absolute 

    Time Killer

    if you're bored after playing your main Game or want to take a break from other games. This game involves some intuative Physics engine and the movement is based on Ragdoll model so the gameplay and the gravity, almost everything in the game looks and feels so good that you'll be playing this game for no reason. Here are some of the details about the game Happy Wheels, and how to play it:

    • Developer: Fancy Force
    • Publisher: Fancy Force
    • Date of release: June 4th 2010, initial release only, later on it released to iOS, android etc;
    • Engine: Box2D
    • Ragdoll Physics, this make the game one of its kind

    So, how do I play this game? Well, you have to play it either on mobile (both Android and iOS available) or on PC's browser, here's how to play the game:

    • Go to your favourite Browser [Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Edge, Chromium etc;]
    • Make sure you've enabled Flash in your selected browser [if you didn't, don't worry you'll be notified while on the game's site]
    • Just google Happy Wheels and you'll be left with totaljerkface[dot]com website, that's where you'll be able to play the game with all the levels and custom community created maps
    • Or simply you can play the game from miniclip or poki[dot]com websites, how ever there will be some limitations, just play for fun disregard of all of them

    Here's how you'll be able to select your character and vehicle after you click Play from the menu. You'll have to choose from a variety of vehicles and the most infamous cycler dad and son thingy.... But, be aware that some of the features are only available based on the version you're playing....

    The above image shows how you can play custom maps created by some other people of the community, you can even try creating your own map with the map editor but it requires some tweaking around and getting to know what does what, which will be quite fun and entertaining. Just don't bother creating, rather play the available maps and levels, you'll be fine...

    This is how one of the levels in the game looks like, I have to mention that this gamaplay is from mobile version of the game....

    Some of the ratings and reviewers online rated the game as follows:

    > Miniclip: 


    [This is epic]

    > A10.com: 


    > Crazy Games: 


    I forgot to mention the number of levels and maps that are available for this game, check out for yourself....

    Have fun enjoying the game even on your potato PCs and laptops but with internet connection and Flash enabled browsers....

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article Happy Wheels [Flash Game] - Review

    (4.5/5) 2 ratings


    a good Review

    8 february 2020 08:31

    Nice article

    17 september 2020 15:37

    nice job guys

    25 february 2020 09:08

    Wow! Good job!

    29 august 2019 14:16