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    SuperGamer583, 31 july 2019 16:29

    CS:GO Beginner Guide - Basics

    • Introduction

    Hello, in this article I will be telling you simple tricks on how to get better at game CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive). By reading this article you will gain an advantage over your enemies by knowing extra about the game. So make sure you sit comfortably and get ready to get into it.

    1. English isn't my native language.
    2. I am just getting used to formatting text.
    3. I am trying to write quality and original stuff.

    Are you ready? Let's get into the article.

    • CS:GO Beginner Guide - #1 Basics
    In this article, I am going to talk about basic stuff every CS:GO player should know when playing.

    Let's start with the most obvious ones:

              1. Minimap/Radar
    Every CS:GO player, professional or not, must know how to use the Minimap provided in-game. The maps show the most important information - your position, the position of your teammates, level layout, but most importantly, enemy location. Every time when an enemy shoots with an unsilenced weapon, his position is revealed on your minimap as a red dot, which is really helpful in tactical situations. So when you hear shooting around you, be sure to check your Minimap for red dots near your location. Also, if you are playing as CT (Counter-Terrorist), when you or one of your teammates see a Bomb on ground or Bomb Carrier (a player that is carrying the bomb), it's position will be revealed as a red bomb on your minimap.


              2. Sounds
    It's highly recommended to play with a headset, as you are less distracted by sounds outside your game (real footsteps, dogs barking, your neighbour mowing his garden, etc.). By closely listening to sounds, you can easily know the enemy position. So if you think there is enemy nearby, just stop moving, or walk slowly (Shift Key) for a while and listen closely to sounds near you. Footsteps are really easy to hear and they are real 360° sounds, so when you hear footsteps on left, enemies are obviously coming from left. You can also listen to Zoom-In's and Zoom-Out's. When an enemy player has a weapon with a scope (AWP, SSG 08, G3SG1, SCAR-20, AUG or SG 553) you can easily hear every when he Zooms In or Zooms Out with his scope. It's short click noise. This way, you will know there is an enemy waiting around the corner and you should not peek.


              3. Movement
    It's important to know how you are going to move. Different weapons have a different weight which will either make you faster or slower. The rank of CS:GO Weapon Categories depending on how much they affect your movement speed:
    1. Knives - Always the fastest
    2. Pistols (USP-S, Glock, Deagle, etc.) - Little bit slower than knives
    3. Submachine Guns (MP5-SD, P90, UMP-45, etc.)  - Slower than pistols
    4. Rifles and Assault Rifles (AK-47, M4A1, AWP, etc.) - Nearly same as SMGs, just a bit slower
    5. Heavy (Negev, M249, MAG-7, etc.) - Slowest weapons
    You need to be aware that all weapons will affect your movement speed differently, that means AK-47 may be faster than SG 553 but they are both Assault Rifles.

              4. Teamwork
    This is one of the most important things in CS:GO. Taking the whole enemy team by yourself is no easy task. That's why it is always recommended to stay close to your teammates, at least in a group of 2. You may split up if the situation requires it, but having someone close is always handy in battle.

    When your Teammate asks for a weapon and you can afford it, it's nice to buy it for him. Helping your Teammate in a hard situation is nice too and is greatly appreciated. On the other hand, if you just watch how your Teammate is getting shot at, that's a really bad thing. I'm not saying you should jump in front of their bullets to sacrifice yourself for him, but the little cover would be nice.


              5. Team Communication
    In every Team, it is very important to communicate with your fellow Teammates. If you can't use a Microphone, just use the chat. But be sure to give your Teammates info, because there is nothing angrier than that one Teammate at the bottom of Leaderboard who doesn't give any info at all. Be sure to give info only in Team Chat (U) and not in Global Chat (Y). When you die, just tell your Teammates where the enemy is and where he is probably going. This way you can predict campers using your death as bait for your Teammates. So do yourself and your Team favour and give as much info as you can.

              6. BONUS! - Be polite
    Don't scream your lungs out because your Teammate just died. No matter if you are better or worse than him, cursing him over Voice Chat will make no good for sure. Angry Team is a one-way ticket to defeat. So even if someone gets loose in your Team, put him back together and try your best to win.

    After all, it's all about the fun and the game, not victories and defeats. So stay smart and enjoy the game =).

    Thanks for reading this wall of text, I really appreciate it.

    • End
    So, guys, this is the end of Part 1. I will be creating more parts later for sure, so be on the watch for them. Until then, happy gaming!

    CREDITS: Pictures - Google Pictures

    Rate this article CS:GO Beginner Guide - Basics

    (4.68/5) 194 rates

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    I played counter strike with friends for many yers when i whas in scool

    2 may 2020 14:49

    good article. thanks

    19 february 2020 09:13

    thanks but i'm pro lmaooooo

    1 april 2020 23:57

    I cant play this game because I dont have pc is there any mobile games like that?

    1 april 2020 18:25

    Good guide for beginners, though we all know that in Casual point #6 is rarely followed :)

    17 march 2020 23:51

    Very bad!

    10 june 2020 16:16

    good article intresting its good information

    7 march 2020 19:32

    imma use this to get better in the game lol

    21 february 2020 19:40

    you will not going to lose nothing and i promise you will like it and make you friends and if you have kids make them play it too

    17 march 2020 15:42

    they must know how to aim smoke and flash great article

    18 december 2020 10:49