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    (4.86/5) 7 rates
    noobda, 13 june 2018 14:49

    A Hexagonal Grid Puzzle Game - Morphblade [Steam]

    The game as the name sounds Morphblade is not just about blades in the game but its more likely about the Hexagonal Grid puzzle which required you to pay attention at the starting few minutes of the game which are the how-to of the whole game. You can't just 'I'll figure it while I'm in the game' anymore with this game, this game surely requires some attention at the start. Lets find out why and what this game is all about...

    This game Morphblade is a Indie Hex Grid Puzzle game from the same developer Suspicious Developments who has a great game called Gunpoint which is an overwhelmingly positive reviewed game on steam and is actually kind of amazing. So, Morphblade is a similar puzzle genre game but you'll have play accordingly with respect to the hexagonal grids in the game. This game might seem similar if you're familiar with an iOS game called Imbroglio, as these developers of this game took the rights and integrated some parts from that game in this game. You'll get to know what each tile actually does when you step on it in the introduction/Prologue of the game... So, lets jump right into the game...

    The above is a screen shot of the actual gameplay, and yes the gameplay and the hood looks in the similar way. That above image shows the upgrading utility of the Blade in the game which destroys enemies on the side hex blocks but not on your path. Yes, there are various items and tools which have various significant use in the game and act accordingly in terms of the enemies. And you also have a health tile with a PLUS indication which also can be upgraded if you're fortunate enough to kill six enemies in that following tile.

    I have to mention this at the start but nevertheless, this game is not a free to play game neither it is a pay to win game, this game is available on Steam for 5 US Dollars (approximate value) and is only playable on Windows, as this game is not available for MAC or Linux. And one more thing to admit is that this game is not for everyone who just play the game for the first time in search of some fun and entertainment, this game requires some patience to get to know about all the moves and items in the game and what they will do including how they function. You must have the basic knowledge of the game's moves in order to actually enjoy the game, which will be gained and explained if you're paying attention from the start of the game.

    Lets find out some information about this game from its Steam store page:

    • Single Player Game
    • No Steam Achievements
    • Release Date: March 3rd, 2017
    • Developer: Suspicious Developments
    • Publisher: Suspicious Developments
    • Very Positive Reviews on Steam [as of now]
    • The enemies in the game are Black, Red Bugs and some blue bugs
    • No Steam Trading Cards available
    • This game has no Steam Cloud Data and is quite basic as there isn't actually that much to save it on to cloud, neither does is this game available on different Operating Systems, this game is only available for windows

    So, about the upgrades and tools in the game where you smash, hit, push and do all the nasty things in the Hex Grid.
    Blade- You can kill bugs on the side ways of the hex
    Teleport- Its straight forward as the name suggests, you can teleport anywhere on the grid
    Acid- Tough bugs get stunned, something similar like that
    Hammer- Kill the bug in front of you without you moving to that cell/hex block
    Arrow- The best one so far, as the name suggests, you just go the desired cell by killing the bugs or what so ever on your way to your destination
    And there is this repairing system where you can upgrade, or repair your utilities when you move to that cell. There is also a blank cell where you can allot it to any of the above functions which are quite helpful depending on the surroundings of that hex grid.

    So, can you run this game? Most probably all the modern PCs and laptops can run games similar to this including this game in particular as these types of games doesn't have intense graphics and textures. These game are meant to be fun, and they are most of the time. Lets find out the minimum system requirements of this game...
    > Requires a pretty decent processor, Dual core works absolutely fine as long as you're on a 64-bit OS and CPU
    > 4Gigs of RAM is more then enough to run this game alongside Steam
    > Game requires directx v9 which is pretty obvious
    > Game is pretty small actually, and under 1GB (approximately not accurate though)

    This game is not a 'I'll figure it out on the go while playing' type of game, this game actually requires some puzzle solving capabilities which also include patience where you'll be taught how the game works as the introduction of the game. Hoping you didn't skip the tutorial, you can have fun with this game, this game actually has some pretty decent puzzles and is quite fun once you get a hang of it.

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article A Hexagonal Grid Puzzle Game - Morphblade [Steam]

    (4.86/5) 7 rates


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