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    World of Tanks is an online MMO game which allows players to take part of huge tank battles. A very important aspect of the game is the ability of cooperation since the victory depends not only on you, but also on an entire party of allied tanks! It isn’t only a typical shooter, but in addition to that, a strategic game while the player will have to demonstrate his tactical sense. Spectacular visual effects and polished graphics in an do transfer the player in an instant into the world of war, where the familiarity with tank mechanics is a critical component to the victory. With each battle we can upgrade our own tank and the developers made sure we won't have a limited equipment. It is an interesting choice for the fans of this kind of games. The player is able to conquer provinces on the map and ever newer regions. He’s forced to make quick, tactical decisions, which would have a positive impact on a whole formation! This game will certainly appeal to fans of war games and purely strategic games based on cooperation.

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    Opinions about World of Tanks

    grałem kiedyś

    26 march 2017 04:26

    cool game

    8 april 2017 01:25

    Gonna have to grind to get 100 wins haha!

    11 april 2017 17:16

    not working some one help

    1 september 2017 19:29

    the best

    31 august 2017 19:52

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