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    Tera Online is a famous Korean MMORPG game. Before starting the big adventure, just like in every game like this, we choose and create our character. The variety of races and classes is, beyond any doubt, the biggest advantage of the game. Besides the basic races like the Humans, or the Elves, we also have the demonic race of Castanics or a fluffy race of Poporis. As it comes for the classes, there we have twelve of them: the Warriors, the Sorcerers, the Slayers, the Lancers, the Mystics, the Priests, the Berserkers, the Archers, the Ninjas, the Brawlers, the Reapers and the Gunners. As we can see, just the character creation itself is extremely extensive. In addition to our basic quest which is the development of our character, the whole story line is based on the maintenance of peace in the Federation. An open world offer many opportunities and awakens player’s imagination and the specific combat system, resembling more to an arcade game than an MMO causes that we can easily expand our skills while the game becomes more and more interesting. The graphics from the very beginning amazes us by its rich color palette and details. Even if kept in a dreamlike, even candy style, it attracts the players eye and makes an exceptional ambiance!

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    Opinions about TERA Online

    I did it. But it got refused .-.

    23 april 2018 17:20

    good game

    23 april 2018 17:20

    Hmm - nice game ...

    23 april 2018 17:20

    level up 1

    23 april 2018 17:20

    too big the game. download takes 10x longer than the task.

    23 april 2018 17:20

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