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    About Naruto Online

    Become a ninja now in Naruto Online, a brand new browser (or client) MMORPG licensed by Bandai Namco, where we are able to take part of the epic adventure known from the Masashi Kishimito's manga.

    In fact, we have a choice between 5 characters with different skills - two young ladies and three guys, each of them having their own elemental affinity on which are based their jutsus (skills) and other class-locked powers, like healing or the famous Rasengan. You can empower your character in many different ways - with mission instances, which will lead you through the M&A story, from the beginning to it's end, or group instances such as a combat versus the whole Akatsuki organization or PvP arena combats. The possibilities are many and everyone can find something that will satisfy his playing style. 

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    3 november 2017 14:36

    Ola, the new game again 🙂 ...

    3 november 2017 14:37

    And I think - very easy to play ...

    3 november 2017 14:38

    But not many Gems 🙁 ...

    15 november 2017 22:33


    21 november 2017 23:02

    no entiendo na

    23 november 2017 19:04

    Very good game.

    25 november 2017 20:38

    игра класс

    28 november 2017 18:53

    ТО Я

    5 december 2017 14:16

    it's a good game :3

    16 december 2017 08:08



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