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    About Naruto Online

    Become a ninja now in Naruto Online, a brand new browser (or client) MMORPG licensed by Bandai Namco, where we are able to take part of the epic adventure known from the Masashi Kishimito's manga.

    In fact, we have a choice between 5 characters with different skills - two young ladies and three guys, each of them having their own elemental affinity on which are based their jutsus (skills) and other class-locked powers, like healing or the famous Rasengan. You can empower your character in many different ways - with mission instances, which will lead you through the M&A story, from the beginning to it's end, or group instances such as a combat versus the whole Akatsuki organization or PvP arena combats. The possibilities are many and everyone can find something that will satisfy his playing style. 

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    28 september 2017 23:02

    i did it right on the level and got accepted. usually i think thats what you need

    29 september 2017 10:18


    5 october 2017 19:04

    How far in is the Battle on the Bridge?;

    5 october 2017 20:00

    Takes about an hour to get to maybe a little less just submitted a pic with me on the bridge like Ronosparks said they did.

    5 october 2017 20:22

    That was fast accepted thanks

    8 october 2017 01:07

    how do you verify it

    8 october 2017 01:11

    I did not get the sg even though I played to the bridge.

    8 october 2017 01:11

    I played and took a screenshot.

    8 october 2017 03:59

    How do you verify this?

    10 october 2017 16:29

    thanks for the advice on time to complete


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