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    Steam Daily Chest Suggestion

    I Think We Should Add A Timer To The Steam Free Chest Because Its Hard To Tell When Its Available

    18 october 2019 23:55 1628

    have you sent this briliant idea to misty? the option of telling her of this does exists! :-D

    19 october 2019 00:03 1628

    i am now confused do u mean tell misty or dont cause its not possible either way ill try

    19 october 2019 01:01 1628

    misty is on your friend list. you can click on her and select "i want to tell you something..." and then you can select the dialouge option which you feel, i think it is either "i have a proposol forthe function of the portal" or "i have an idea for new functions on Gamehag" and then write your idea.

    19 october 2019 09:56 1628

    i already did

    19 october 2019 14:46 1628

    did you get a reply? that spunds like a good idea and I can't imagine it being to hard to add a timer to the chests as they have one for the monthly chest.

    22 october 2019 22:30 1628

    no reply yet execpt for something like "we are always happy for tips and ideas"

    22 october 2019 22:57 1628

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