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    How did you find out about roblox

    and start playing it

    23 august 2019 17:13 2173

    is hard to play it on phone

    23 august 2019 17:25 2173

    My half-brother showed me the game.

    23 august 2019 17:39 2173

    by my friend lol

    23 august 2019 19:46 2173


    23 august 2019 20:58 2173

    I started playing roblox around 2014 or 2015. I remember how I started playing roblox. I was watching youtube and a roblox add poped up so I clicked on it and signed up and ever since then I was playing roblox. Today kids will never know how old roblox was the best. The old games, the old music, the old community was so much better than today. I am grateful I found out and played roblox at that young age. My memories will stay with me forever!

    23 august 2019 21:25 2173

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