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    Tobikonde Flag pl

    3 years ago


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    Commented subject Yasuo.
    7 years ago

    Jestem tak zwanym OTP yasuo i wiem jaka ona jest trudna WIĘC NIE POLECAM ją ludzią którzy są w niskiej dywizji. Takiej jak np gold bo po prostu nie dacie rady ogarnąć nawet części mechaniki. Ps 572 k

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    Commented subject League of Legends jak zaczac ?.
    7 years ago

    Ponieważ gra w Lola nie należy do najłatwiejszych gier polecam dla początkujących postacie typu master yi nunu xin a wręcz katarinę przez jej pasywną umiejętność mój brat (ma 7 lat) i gra tylko katą:D

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    Reached 2 level
    7 years ago

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    War Thunder

    When we see the popularity of World of Tanks, we should certainly consider whether games with similar themes and mechanics can stand a chance against the famous publisher. Well, they can. And not only stand a chance, because this game named “War Thunder” beats WoT in many ways.In the beginning, we can select the type of unit. In...


    Travian is one of the most popular strategic games, which has become nearly a legend! The game is set during the wars against German and Gallic barbarians. So we start by choosing between one of three available factions. We can play the Gauls, who are the masters of defense; the Teutons specialized in the attack and the Romans, ...

    Big Farm

    Do you like living in a countryside? Would you like to start your own farm? To raise animals, plant seeds and harvest crops? This game is perfect for you! Big Farm will definitely make this dream come true with its pleasing to the eye and colourful graphics. Lead a life of a farmer, get paid for your hard work and enjoy the effe...


    OGame is a browser strategy game set up in the space. It should appeal not only to the players interested by the universe, but also to the wide community of strategic games fans. The first quest the player has is choosing his server – the universe. And then the game begins!  We can choose between a variety of planets, moons and ...

    Legend Online 2

    Legends Online is a combination of free-to-play strategy and MMORPG by browser. We can choose between three classes: a mage, a warrior or an archer. We’re visiting and exploring locations, one by one and at the same time, completing quests we’re receiving. The combat system is turn-based and after the victory we receive experien...

    Bleach Online

    Every anime fan should know Bleach! If you’re a fan of the series you absolutely have to play Bleach Online. Create your character and complete numerous missions in order to gain experience and become the best Shinigami! The fights are turn-based and the gameplay itself is simple. It consists of going in various, designated area...

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