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    Bleach Online

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    About Bleach Online

    Every anime fan should know Bleach! If you’re a fan of the series you absolutely have to play Bleach Online. Create your character and complete numerous missions in order to gain experience and become the best Shinigami! The fights are turn-based and the gameplay itself is simple. It consists of going in various, designated areas and completing missions we’ve received - which are mostly battles. During your adventure you’ll meet lots of various enemies and allies, which will accompany you during your travels and fight with you, hand in hand. Set up your team in various combinations - support in the back and fighters in front. Collect unique items from the missions, which can be sold or used to upgrade your current equipment. In all subsequent levels, you’ll be able to unlock new, better armors or weapons to deal with increasingly powerful opponents and become much stronger. So, do not wait any longer and join the world of Bleach, fight the spirits and show them, you’re a great Shinigami!

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    News about Bleach Online

    This game doesn't have any article.

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    Opinions about Bleach Online

    i didnt like this game one bit but will endure it for the sgs


    yayyyy task accepted


    easy peasy


    nice game


    Just another copy from another (lame) game, just with a different 'texture pack'.

    Also, reach lv 20? Seems like a lot of time for only 45 SG.


    News about Bleach Online

    This game doesn't have any article.

    Did you know that for writing an article you can get even 1000Soulstone?

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