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    About Travian

    Travian is one of the most popular strategic games, which has become nearly a legend! The game is set during the wars against German and Gallic barbarians. So we start by choosing between one of three available factions. We can play the Gauls, who are the masters of defense; the Teutons specialized in the attack and the Romans, who’re in balance between the previous two. During the game play, we’ll collect resources thus we’ll gain the possibility to build buildings or units used to defend our city or to attack others. Every faction has ten types of units subdivided on the cavalry, the infantry and siege engines. They’ll be ordered by special heroes, which we can improve by completing missions – so that they can obtain new equipment augmenting their strength and commanding level. The graphics is very cartoon-like – it resembles a comic book about the ancient Rome in which we are involved. The game during the many years has been polished up and that’s why it’s worth trying. Join Travian today!

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    best game ever


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