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    2 months ago

    Young Wizard

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    opened Black Friday Present and won Runa Fehu.
    1 year ago
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    opened Tajemnicza Skrzynia and won Runa Tiwaz.
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    Commented subject counter strike 1.6 + CSGO.
    2 years ago

    My opinion: No, its not a dead game, but many people still think that.
    I will talk about this game and what I think about it and a bonus: comparison with CSGO!
    First of all counter strike 1.6 is a great game! It has the best hitboxes of all games.
    I still play it!  Ok, so the graphics are bad, very bad. But hey, it has some incredible features like: 

    1.Buying ammo
    So this is obvious.In csgo you dont have to buy ammo it gives it all to you, but in cs 1.6 you NEED
    to buy ammo, in my opinion this is great because the player has to think what to buy!

    2.Tactical shields
    Ok this is unfair for the terrorists, but hey if youre a counter terrorist you cant get hurt from the front!
    Although this feature got removed by valve in csgo its still available in cs 1.6!

    But on the same side csgo has better things like:

    every csgo player knows this. You can trade with other players or scammers with your skins for knives,
    guns,rifles, etc.

    It is hard to rank up, and once you rank up you play with better players and so on.
    thats why CSGO is so addictive! Once you start you cant stop.

    3.training maps
    Theres a faeture in csgo. It is the training map. It speaks for itself. You get on a training map and start
    training. A speaking man will lead you!

    on the other side csgo hag got a lot more :

    Scammers are the most of the most annyoing people in the game.
    They send you a friend request and then they want to trade(steal your knife,skin, etc.)
    A lot of youtubers troll these type of people.

    People, who kill their teammates and scream on the mic, etc.

    People, who even dont know what long is or whats side.. etc.

    People, who go on gambling sites to earn money to buy skins.

    Conclusion: I would buy CSGO because cs 1.6 isnt on steam....

    hope you learned something:)     

    Dont be a gambler. Thats my tip!

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    A user and gaticaagustin665 are friends now
    2 years ago
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    2 years ago
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    2 years ago

    Are you tired of not getting any or very little gems on gamehag? Do you
    Want  to know how to get gems quick? Well you' came to the right place!
    In this tutorial I will show you how to collect soul gems in gamehag quick
    and get your reward as quick as possible! 
    Get ready for some rewards!
    PS.: This is for anyone! Not specified for noons or pros! You should know 
    all of these tips!
    You have many different ways to get soul gems here, so let's start off with 
    the basics!

    1. Daily log in!
    You might thing that I'm crazy because you only get 5 gems per daily log in.
    You're right and wrong! If you log in 7 days succesively, you will earn extra 20 
    soul gems! So you weekly get 55 gems! (7x5+20=55)
    Add: Your reward is now already 55 soul gems!

    2. Writing news, guides, many more!
    You can get up to 1000 soul gems if your article is very good!
    If you like writing that's only a bonus! Write something quick and get around 
    300 SG a day!  (300x7=2100)
    Add: Your reward is now already 2155 soul gems!

    3. Contracts (app downloading)
    This is in my opinion the best way to earn gems! You can earn up to 300 SG
    Add: your reward is now 4255 soul gems!

    4.leveling up!
    This is pretty BASIC all you really have to do is comment on news, forums and
    write articles!
    Add:you now have already 4300 SG!

    5. Playing mini games!
    These won't give you much! I don't want YOU to play them, but let children play
    them! If you don't have a bro or a sister you can play them and get better at them!
    It's a long way to go, but just play them like 15 mins a day!
    Add:you now have 4475 SG!

    6.collect as much as you can!
    This relies on the daily rewards for the best players! Get in top three and you will
    get extra SG! First place:1000 SG! 2nd place: 500 SG! And 3rd place: 300SG!
    Add:you now have 5475 SG

    7.report bugs!
    I found one for me and it's very annoying!
    Report them and get 50SG for each!
    Add:you now have 5575 SG!

    8.Type in codes! I know most of them have already expired and you won't get SG,
    but there's one code that still gives you 50 SG (the code is REEL)
    ADD:YOU HAVE 5626 SG!

    9.Play actual games !
    I don't need to explain these, just play the browser or downloadable games and
    take screenshots when you finish them! That will give you a decent amount of SG!
    Add:you now have 6626 SG OR EVEN MORE!

    10. Like my article and comment down what you think! Joke!

    11. You can buy almost anything right now you will be getting 6626 SG or more 

    12.HOPE you liked my tutorial and good luck getting all those Soul Gems weekly! 
    Bonus: join contests to gamble on a game or a game key! And get it quicker!


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    A user and Stickster are friends now
    2 years ago
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    2 years ago
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    Reached 3 level
    2 years ago
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    Commented subject Best gane ever.
    2 years ago

    i like that game👊🏿

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    Reached 2 level
    2 years ago

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