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    About Adventure with Misty

    Adventure with Misty is a free arcade game in which you play the role of the witch Misty, your assistant from the Gamehag portal.
    This time, however, Misty will not be able to help you to get free rewards.

    In the game you will face frightening adversities. Avoid the deadly spikes and the dragon fire, collect the Soul Gems so they do not fall into the wrong hands and fight the dangerous dragon who wants to take away the protective talismans from the witches.

    If you like arcade games, combine the fun with the useful and complete the task right now in order to get your SGs. You can also read more about Misty and Soul Gems by visiting the Gamehag Genesis page.

    318514 users are playing Adventure with Misty

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    Opinions about Adventure with Misty

    haha cute

    11 december 2017 08:20

    This is so simple with only 10 soul gems :p
    I take it anyway

    28 january 2019 20:16

    i cant verify my account

    15 december 2018 04:52

    Easiest task ever

    15 december 2018 12:26

    I like this a game/app

    3 january 2019 12:46

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