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    (4.77/5) 30 rates
    Stickster, 14 july 2017 00:20

    Best browser games for gems!

    This article will be about the browser games that give quite a bit, and don't take to long!

    1. Divine Storm
    This MMO isn't what I would call good, but it's relatively easy! You have to get to level 45 to get 240 gems, which takes around an hour. This one has TONS of quests, and I didn't find myself as bored as I thought I would be. You have to destroy all the darkness, and evil. There's 3 different classes to choose from, and there's male and female. You get to enjoy slaying your enemies with these epic skills you earn. Once you start getting more powerfull, you start to go against bosses. You can get pets, rides, and even wings to make your character look cool. Explore, and get tons of items, gear, and swords. Create groups, and invite your friends, or join a group and have loads of fun.

    2. SAO Legend
    Like the last, this game isn't as expected, and isn't what I call good. It takes around the same time (an hour or more) to get to the required level, which is 30. It gives 260, more than Divine Storm. This one's based off of an anime SAO, and it has a story to tell. It tells a story of a boy trapped in a VR universe, and he has to fight his way to the top in order to escape. Here you will have to be brave, and skillful in order to beat the game. It offers tons of quest, and loads of fun. Defend your allies, and your close ones. As you will not want to watch them go.

    3.  Throne: Kingdom at War
    I wouldn't necessarily say this one's easy, but the prize on it is quite good! Around 2 hours, or less for 695 gems. Now isn't that worth it? This game is an MMORPG based around becoming a lord in Throne. You will have to challenge yourself to prove that you're worth it to be the powerful leader. The path you take to success is your choice with multiple things to choose from. You can make allies, and befriend some people, or you can make enemies. You have to make a powerful town, which will take tons of upgrading, and resources. Become the one and only, battle, win.

    That's the end of this article, hope it helped, and enjoy!

    Rate this article Best browser games for gems!

    (4.77/5) 30 rates


    Helpful and interesting article.

    15 october 2021 18:41

    Thanks for the article it's been really helpful that's what new people here need.

    12 may 2021 11:34

    Thanks for your help! I was looking for some games to play in browser because i'm bored and i am using my computer and i didn't have a phone so it's hard for me to download some games.

    7 march 2020 09:14

    wow this is great

    15 november 2021 19:07

    I Can Get More Soul Games Now

    14 january 2020 10:59

    It's pretty cool to play SAO after watching the anime

    29 january 2020 09:19

    SAO Legend was way better than i expected

    22 november 2021 04:31

    thank you, useful article and easy to read

    26 march 2020 16:20

    Very helpful for everyone who is in a quick pinch to get some SG :)

    26 february 2020 01:06

    thanks for this article its helpful

    31 may 2020 15:09