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    (4.69/5) 16 rates
    xStrax, 9 july 2017 15:37

    Clash Royale: Building Decks and Card info

    ¤ Welcome to a another article, this time im going to be teaching you the basics of deck building.
      So firstly for your deck to work you will be needing some basic stuff:TANKSUPPORTERATTACKER.These are     the elements that make your deck function and help your deck to be balanced.

    ¤ Elixir usage is wery inportant for your deck it neds to be balanced.Wich we are gonna be cowering in  this article.

    ¤ Card balance is also a thing that you need to consider.This will allow your deck to have card combos(THIS IS ALSO GONNA BE EXPLAINED).

    ¤ TANK - Tank is a card that will have more than averege  HP(Hit Points ).This is very uselful because it can protect other troops such as archers,spear goblins and other supporters.It can also be very powerfull in attack mode and can be used as a inprovised distaction when you dont have anything to drop to deffend. For the tank i recomend using Roayale Giant, Lava Hound, Pekka. All of these cards are the best in my opinion.

    ¤ SUPPORTER - Now supporters are very inportant for deffence and offence.Because they have usualy a litle HP so you they need somebothey to protect them like Attacker or Tanker.For the supporters its best to use splashers because they are good at taking out almoust any card.

    ¤ ATTACKER - This is the most basic card, the attacker is used for counetering other card or ttaking town towers either way they are pretty usefull.They can also protect SUPPORTER CLASS troops for much more dammage.Now for attackers you wanna get somebothey who can deal a lot of damage but can also have cheap elixir cost.For attackers in my opinion the best cards are lumber jack,Knight,Hog Rider and Valkyrie.

    ¤ Elixir usage and Card balance : Elixir Usage is pretty inportant for your deck, if your card are too expencive you cant realy create a strong push.For this i recomend using decks that have elihir cost 4.0 or less.
    If you wanna have a working deck you need Card balance. This is inportant beacause you might wanna have cards that can support and go well with each other so you can create a better push, for example you can use HOG RIDER + ICE SPIRIT, PRINECES + MINER, ROYAL GIANT + MINIONS(MINION HORDE)...So these are some of exapmles wich you can use or create one of your oun.

    ¤ DECK : For your deck you need at least 1 TANK, i dont recomend using more than 2 tanks, also you will need is lots of SUPPORTERS and some ATTACKERS i recomend using less than 4 attackers.


    SPEELS - Spels are realy useful, they can be used in lots of ways like helping troops and deffending and attacking low HP troops.For your deck i recomend usic only 1 or 2 spells depending on what deck are you making.My favorite spells are zap, heal and fire ball.

    Rate this article Clash Royale: Building Decks and Card info

    (4.69/5) 16 rates


    Good article....Time consuming game..makes u look at ur mobile every now and then

    15 february 2019 20:51

    this article gives good advice

    15 january 2022 20:49

    I've played this game once a few years ago, but the lack of resources made me put the game down. Other than that, it's a good article.

    11 july 2019 09:06

    Tôi đã chơi trò chơi này một lần cách đây vài năm, nhưng việc thiếu tài nguyên đã khiến tôi phải đặt trò chơi xuống. Ngoài ra, đó là một bài báo tốt.

    12 january 2022 08:52

    nice article,you helped me a lot

    12 august 2021 07:05

    nice article man nice article man

    21 june 2020 13:56

    great art

    6 april 2020 14:33

    my favorite card is prince :)

    3 april 2020 23:53

    So firstly for your deck to work you will be needing some basic stuff:TANK, SUPPORTER, ATTACKER.These are the elements that make your deck function and help your deck to be balanced

    23 july 2020 05:58

    Hey Guys you can check my new articles about this game to know more about it :)

    15 december 2019 21:01