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    counter strike 1.6 + CSGO

    My opinion: No, its not a dead game, but many people still think that.
    I will talk about this game and what I think about it and a bonus: comparison with CSGO!
    First of all counter strike 1.6 is a great game! It has the best hitboxes of all games.
    I still play it!  Ok, so the graphics are bad, very bad. But hey, it has some incredible features like: 

    1.Buying ammo
    So this is obvious.In csgo you dont have to buy ammo it gives it all to you, but in cs 1.6 you NEED
    to buy ammo, in my opinion this is great because the player has to think what to buy!

    2.Tactical shields
    Ok this is unfair for the terrorists, but hey if youre a counter terrorist you cant get hurt from the front!
    Although this feature got removed by valve in csgo its still available in cs 1.6!

    But on the same side csgo has better things like:

    every csgo player knows this. You can trade with other players or scammers with your skins for knives,
    guns,rifles, etc.

    It is hard to rank up, and once you rank up you play with better players and so on.
    thats why CSGO is so addictive! Once you start you cant stop.

    3.training maps
    Theres a faeture in csgo. It is the training map. It speaks for itself. You get on a training map and start
    training. A speaking man will lead you!

    on the other side csgo hag got a lot more :

    Scammers are the most of the most annyoing people in the game.
    They send you a friend request and then they want to trade(steal your knife,skin, etc.)
    A lot of youtubers troll these type of people.

    People, who kill their teammates and scream on the mic, etc.

    People, who even dont know what long is or whats side.. etc.

    People, who go on gambling sites to earn money to buy skins.

    Conclusion: I would buy CSGO because cs 1.6 isnt on steam....

    hope you learned something:)     

    Dont be a gambler. Thats my tip!

    17 july 2017 19:00 1625

    Counter strike 1.6 is good old game

    30 october 2018 17:38 1625

    golden oldies

    31 october 2018 18:31 1625

    Cs go is better

    4 january 2019 13:32 1625

    cs go is so goood game

    4 january 2019 14:13 1625

    i like cs 1.6 but i think csgo is better than 1.6

    4 january 2019 14:14 1625

    because csgo have skins

    4 january 2019 14:15 1625

    c sgo is better than cs 1.6 xD

    4 january 2019 14:22 1625

    cs 1.6 for harder bots

    4 january 2019 14:47 1625

    csgo is not hard, its hard because of hackers rn

    4 january 2019 15:54 1625

    csgo is so much better in every way. 1.6 is one big bug

    4 january 2019 18:13 1625

    ° С go is better than cs 1.6

    7 january 2019 18:33 1625

    i love CS 1.6 better though i haven't played for really a long time

    8 january 2019 16:02 1625

    cs1.6 it's a legend

    10 january 2019 12:35 1625

    this look good

    10 january 2019 17:08 1625

    yes, is it but call of duty is better ^^

    10 january 2019 17:09 1625

    Thanks for the help.

    11 january 2019 15:04 1625

    thanks bro

    11 january 2019 16:24 1625

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