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    1 year ago


    This game is user friendly and includes a variety of customization among your character! This game is great because you don't have to download anything and get through such pain to play a kids game so why not just play it inside of a browser. A suitable game for everyone including kids, childs, teens, and even adults can play this game and they would still have fun! Not much people hate it and includes a great rating on the site whicb most people claim that have played it that it's "Fun & Good" and I have to say, I can confirm that is true so why wouldn't you attempt to try it?

    PopTropica is an fun and adventurous game that allows you to move around freely and lets you go to different types of islands that have different missions that you have to accomplish. There are also many fun things such as talking to other people which help you gain knowledge of the character you have met up with. You don't have to get all bored because this game has so many islands to go through, it includes great settings, great editors, great effects, great movement, and a great sequence & plot. In order to unlock other islands, you must complete these obstacles that are in the way for each islands. They have a tutorial if you need help with anything that is mostly something you don't know since you haven't played this game before.

    Guess what? FREE POINTS OFF THIS GAME! Yes it may seem ridiculous, but this game has the most easiest missions for Soul Gems I've ever seen! Just going through 3 islands is a great and simple task so you won't have to hustle through it. This game has an original and simplified characters that look cute. You can do so much things and it's really is fun! Even though it only gives off 300 points, it has easy missions which I've said before, and wouldn't be stressful to just grab some. I love this game and I've played it for a few minutes so why can't you try it? It's not a bad game and I think you would give off the same result too. There are very mixed genres excluded in the game that I didn't even notice. You can go through every genre in just a few clicks and movement across the game. It's a short, complex story that consists of many different characters and you could come across a peaceful story line that will lead you across the way through the islands. There is only a few variety of islands that you have to go through but to all make it up, the plot succeeds. A friendly interfaced surfaced game that will appeal to your eyes because of the edits of it. The functions of these characters are so cool and nicer to see. There are the most fun and unintentional things like the part onto where you travel and the balloon looks directly towards your cursor. It just fits in with the other most gaming groups and I think this one is a mix of educational, child-friendly, happy, fun, exciting, colorful, detailed, and adventurous game! Everything makes up for the bugs and will widen your eyes once you try to come across this gentle game. There is so many things in this game that I can't even explain that makes it so good, why don't you give this game a try before you try to make a few complaints about the cover. It's great for me.

    Rating: 8/10
    Has everything a kids game needs.

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    1 year ago


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