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    About Vikings: War of Clans

    The Vikings fans finally lived to see a real treat in form of a genuine MMO game. It is time to take your battle axe and move into the world of the Vikings, to face the challenge which is leading a village.

    Become a real earl, expand your village and carry out the attacks on your opponents. Plunder and kill in the name of Odin and become a chief which will be remembered by the future generations.

    Vikings: War of Clans thanks to the huge amount of features and a multitude of additional tasks will provide you a game for long evenings.

    Play this MMORPG today, totally free. Earn your Soul Gems and get attractive rewards in our shop.

    You have to create a new account by the "Play for free" button in order to receive Soul Gems! Turn off your AdBlock if you can't reach a website!

    The task for Vikings: War of Clans

    Play and Advance to level 15

    Reward for this task


    Newest players from Vikings: War of Clans (in total 40605 users are playing)

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    Comments for Vikings: War of Clans (244) -

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    27 november 2017 21:11

    I want to play

    29 november 2017 06:29

    just play on android

    29 november 2017 15:14

    nice game

    30 november 2017 18:01


    3 december 2017 14:59

    Its hard to reach 20 but they change it to 15 so it will be more easy isnt ?

    6 december 2017 03:28

    15 is still hard I've been playing since 3 days and I am 14 but good game tho

    6 december 2017 05:01

    Still trying to reach lvl 15 :'v

    7 december 2017 16:42

    i am 15 !!!please give me the reward,thx!

    12 december 2017 03:27

    Typically I despise games like this, but thanks to this task I actually enjoyed it. Now gimme mah Souls.. Err I mean Soul Gems.. 😉

    13 december 2017 16:15

    wowo cool!


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