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    A user and angelhris are friends now
    6 months ago
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    He took part in a competition and won Random Steam CD-Key
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    Hero Zero

    Batman, Ironman, Spiderman. Would you like to be just like them? Well, now it is possible! Make your own character and slowly, advance your goal. At the beginning, you’ll be doing missions in your neighborhood, just some mere trivialities like chasing away some nagging kids or searching a catnip for your neighbor’s k...

    Big Farm

    Do you like living in a countryside? Would you like to start your own farm? To raise animals, plant seeds and harvest crops? This game is perfect for you! Big Farm will definitely make this dream come true with its pleasing to the eye and colourful graphics. Lead a life of a farmer, get paid for your hard work and enjoy the effe...

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