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    Batman, Ironman, Spiderman. Would you like to be just like them? Well, now it is possible! Make your own character and slowly, advance your goal. At the beginning, you’ll be doing missions in your neighborhood, just some mere trivialities like chasing away some nagging kids or searching a catnip for your neighbor’s kitten. But remember – from zero to hero! The game gives us lots of interesting features like PvP, gaining honor, and then, ranked battles, going to a second-hand shop and searching for a superhero costume or weapons. Where there is a need for money, we can always go to work. In your garage, you can train your hero to increase his skills. But always remember, that not every hero does save the world alone – create your own superheroes team and together save your planet! Everything in the game does require time – starting on the missions and ending on training and your work. Certain missions last for 3 minutes, another 30, so be patient, since in order to be the best you will need time and a proper workout. Become a superhero, join Hero Zero!

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    Opinions about Hero Zero

    looks nice

    17 october 2017 14:42

    Refused.... Again....

    22 august 2017 20:55

    refused, oh maaaaaaaaan!!!!!

    18 august 2017 09:37

    lost a couple of hours of my life thanks

    17 september 2017 22:40

    How is it possible to not get rejected?
    (Of course I advanced to level 15)

    21 august 2017 17:38

    Forum Hero Zero