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    Win the favour of the gods in Grepolis! Conquer the Ancient Greece in a free browser strategy game developed and published by InnoGames, the company responsible for such epic games like Tribal Wars, Forge of Empires or The West

    ​Create your own army composed of ordinary units like Swordsmen, Hoplites or Archers as well as of creatures taken out of Greek mythology like Cyclops, Minotaurs, Pegasus or even a Hydra! Choose the God or the Goddess you want to worship and make use of powerful spells. Zeus will help you with his lightning bolt, Athena will empower your troops and Hades will spread diseases and suffering among your enemies. Extend your city, make researches to improve your technologies and show your true power to your enemies and your allies! From the very beginning, you have to choose your strategy. Do you want to conquer the whole island or get along with neighbouring players? Trade the resources you'll produce and make your polis's economy grow! 

    An Ancient Greek city would be nothing without its culture. That's why you should organize Olympic Games, hold city festivals and build a theatre to entertain your citizens. The possibilities are many and your four advisors will surely help you with your decision so as will the player's community! Don't wait too long and join Grepolis, a place where the ancient mythology is a reality!

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    Comments for Grepolis (18) -

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    11 august 2017 09:03

    fk. they reject all tasks

    12 august 2017 00:00

    why reject the task?

    14 august 2017 19:39

    200 years for nothing

    15 august 2017 13:17

    Don't waste your time playing this one for gems, it doesn't put out

    15 august 2017 13:52

    You're task will be rejected all the time for no reason, that how this site works, don't trust it.

    15 august 2017 18:41


    15 august 2017 18:42

    i love cazz

    16 august 2017 15:40

    Again rejected, this is so fun.

    19 august 2017 11:48

    good game, lets see how much i wait for payment.

    11 september 2017 06:51

    why do I keep getting rejected? the task is complete and shown clear as day


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