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    About Forge of Empires

    One of the best browser strategy games. Our city is developed since time immemorial, since the Stone Age. Starting with a pure plot of land used for our own village, we have to expand in order to create our own empire. An amazing aspect of the game is the fact, that the time is passing, so the era are changing as well. In this way, by starting at the Stone Age, we do not finish there. The game is extremely extended and its mechanics are inviting us to have fun and do not get boring. The combat system is very similar to this from Heroes of Might and Magic. We’re able to control each unit and the board is divided into fields, everything done into a turn-based system. Both graphics and music are nice, making the time spend into the game more enjoyable. The game is also available on mobile, so you can play it everywhere. So, do not wait too long and join Forge of Empires today!

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    The task for Forge of Empires

    Play and Enter the Iron Age

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    26 november 2017 22:24

    Heres a tip: waste gems gold on research points to get to iron age

    26 november 2017 22:49

    hope i finsh today plus 20%

    29 november 2017 10:55

    i love this game, recommend it :D

    29 november 2017 13:10


    30 november 2017 03:40

    Why won't they accept my screenshot? I spent days on this! >:(

    2 december 2017 16:47

    this is neat

    3 december 2017 09:35

    Advertisements on this game are better than the game itself. For me max 3/10

    6 december 2017 00:04

    I don't even know what am I doing anymore lol

    11 december 2017 10:42

    good game

    12 december 2017 18:13

    just started


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