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    (4.47/5) 1582 rates
    Programmer419, 11 march 2021 14:52

    Top 10 games in Roblox

    Are you feeling bored and you have nothing to do? Then play Roblox, Roblox is a super fun game and runs on low-end laptops and mobiles.
    Don't know what game to play in Roblox? Then read this article.

    10. JailBreak

    Jailbreak is a roleplaying game where you choose to be a police guy or prisoner that want to escape from the prison,
    If you chose a prisoner then you can rob banks and jewelry store and many more.
    If you chose a police guy then go cease the crime and save the city from those criminals!
    It is a super fun game. I play it so much.

    9. Adopt Me

    Adopt me is an another roleplaying game and it is the most played game on Roblox. You got 2 roles to choose :
    Baby or parents. It makes a good introduction to in-game communication for younger children.

    8.Natural Disaster Survival

    It is a game where it simulates natural disasters in Roblox it is so enjoyable and got various mods. I personally advice you to play it when you got nothing to do.

    7.The Wild West

      The Wild West is an another roleplay game but it simulates old days in an online mode. You can create gangs, teams, work in a bar, cease the crime
    and many more.......This game is hard and that what make it amazing. I advice you to play it with your friends you will have so much fun, and this game is somehow made for action lovers, so if you are an action lover what are you waiting for go try it!


       Do you like Fortnite and Roblox? Don't know which one to play? Then Strucid is your dream game. Strucid is a Fortnite Roblox Edition where you can try various mods like Solo, Duo, Squads, FFA and many more..... I play this game so so much and especially with my friends.

    5.War Of Colors

       War Of Colors is a game which the players are divided into 4 teams : Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.... To win you should destroy your enemies bases and eliminate all players that are on the opposite team.


      Notoriety is a game which you and your team should rob different bank, stores in various places and it got fantastic and amazing graphics.
    This game is amazing when you play it with your friends because it depends on teamwork, so go invite some friends to play with!

    3.????Work At A Pizza Place

      Work At A Pizza Place is a game where you can work in a pizza shop : chef, work at reception and many more + you can play it with your friends and you can own your own house or visit your friends house.

    2.Bank Tycoon 2 [Beta]

       Bank Tycoon 2 is a game where you can be a banker or a robber. Robbers can rob banks with their friends, they can drive cars as well as bankers and they can put their robbed money in their car or in their house. Bankers can build and develop a bank until it become a very successful bank. I love this game so much.


      And here it comes the most fun and amazing game on Roblox : Arsenal. Arsenal is a FPS game played by half of Roblox. It is an amazing and wonderful game shooter game it is like Rainbow6Siege but in Roblox. I play it more than any other game. I hope you play it like me

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    This is my Roblox username to add me and play together : Bug_bouty879

    Rate this article Top 10 games in Roblox

    (4.47/5) 1582 rates


    and i thikn tycons iis bad

    27 april 2021 01:07

    I like jailbreak the most because I can be the police and catch bad guys

    24 april 2021 20:43

    😋What the heck happened to Mad city, In my opinion mad city is better than jailbreak because it's more detailed. but apart from that I agree with the list! NICE ARTICLE!

    5 july 2021 21:07

    I definitely agree with arsenal about being on the number 1 spot. Thanks for the article friend.

    18 april 2021 10:25

    this is cool and awesome and epic and swag and i like it and poggers

    3 may 2021 13:52

    100% true I mainly love JailBreak and Arsenal best games in Roblox I recommend all of you to try them!

    11 april 2021 13:18

    Definitely recommend doing the Lineage 2 tasks; you only need to get to lvl 15 and the game has an inbuilt bot mechanic for farming.Definitely recommend doing the Lineage 2 tasks; you only need to get to lvl 15 and the game has an inbuilt bot mechanic for farming.

    5 april 2021 12:19

    This was really interesting I love ever game but Arsenal is not my thing. But thank you for you article

    8 april 2021 22:59

    i love jailbreak but now its not the most popular game on roblox wen i first game on roblox jailbreak was the most played game

    22 march 2021 19:05

    I personally think Entry Point is a bit better than Notoriety, coming from someone who played both for many hours,

    28 march 2021 03:57