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    Rate this article "Roblox (what is it?)"

    (4.05/5) 73 rates
    RolFoot, 2 june 2018 18:18

    Roblox (what is it?)

      Roblox nowadays is popular game where you can power your imagination and have fun. Why this game is so popular and what you can do in this game? Well, you can do many things what you will know after reading my article.

        Roblox is free game and its available for most of the game platforms like PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Amazon Devices, Xbox One. Roblox is game where you can play other people's games and also you can do games yourself. 

          What's fun in game?

          The first thing what shows that Roblox is great game its that EVERYONE can make games and due to this there are many types of games. Like Parkour, Tycoon, Shooting or Survive. Second thing is that Roblox can be played by all aged people. There's really hard to find bad words or bullying. Its because Roblox creators made words censure and most of bad words cannot be send. If you type bad word, that will be writen like: !@#$. 

          How and where you can make Roblox games? Is it worth?

          Well, you just need to install app called Roblox Studio. There you can make games, edit them and update. Its not easy at all but after making game its really satisfactying. Making games in Roblox is worth because you can get currency called robux.


         Roblox have currency what is called robux. Robuxes is used to buy clothes, power ups, vips and many other items in the game. To get robuxes you need to make your game popular or buy them for money, also you can get them from giveaways.

          Most popular and interesting games.

     1. Jailbreak.

         I think everyone Roblox player know about game called Jailbreak. In this game you can be policeman or prisoner. If you are prisoner, you need to escape prison and become a criminal. You can rob banks, jewelry store or even train. There are many transports like lamborghini, bike, helicopter or bugatti. Also there are many locations where you can hide from police. This game is the most popular in Roblox ( have over 1 billion visits).

     2. Phantom Forces.

        It's shooting game and its similar to games like CS:GO. There you need to lead your team to win and try to get most kills. After every win you get a case or key. From cases you can get skins.Also after every level-up you get new weapons. This game is my favourite.

     3. Work at a Pizza Place.
        This game is made for kids. In this game you need to find one of the pizza place job and work. Sometimes there's empty space for manager, if you are manager you can control how the work is going and take back workers to their place. This game is funny and relaxing.


        Hope you guys like my article. And hope you got some knowledge about this awesome game. :)

    Rate this article Roblox (what is it?)

    (4.05/5) 73 rates


    What about Tower of H e ll and Adopt me?

    7 july 2021 05:25

    çak bi kibrit yak şu kalbi alev alev yansın

    16 june 2020 16:04


    16 june 2020 16:03

    oyun işteee

    13 february 2020 18:33

    i really like this game is my favorite game that's my only game i play

    14 may 2020 13:13

    yea this game is best gme in the world!

    29 july 2019 09:32

    i like how we can even make our games here

    14 february 2020 12:24

    You can play roblox without .... ROBUXS

    17 november 2020 15:10

    i love the game i have been playing since 2016

    12 august 2019 18:46

    90% of the comments on this section.. "I like Roblox." "roblox is best game"

    19 may 2019 09:02