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    cushyu, 14 may 2018 05:06

    Roblox Currency Training/Roblox Tips

    Roblox can be a fun little game to play with your friends, and if you ask me, I really enjoy it. There are many tips that can be made like how do i make actual money/ ingame money. And i am here to answer that.

    Being a roblox player is simple, Go onto Roblox.com, Make or log into an account and start playing. You may see some people with different viarities of items and clothing, and they bought this with "Robux." You can earn robux by going to a store and buying it, or you can do it online, seems simple. But there is a lot to it, the basics are that without giving out any personal information, it's impossible to get it for free. I have been playing roblox since 2008 and i can tell you there are a lot of lefts and rights with the currency. If you wanna buy robux online then go to ROBUX, And you will see how you can do it. All of this seems simple enough, but remember that there are scammers who will spam stuff hooking you on like a fish into their traps. They will look suspicious and will tell you to go onto a website or certain link, do not follow their demands and stay safely aware if what they will do to your account.
    Now that is about all i can tell you, except that you need to stay safe and stay away from scammers. 
    But there is always more tips for you to to listen to, Robux isn't everything, and it shouldn't be as long as you are stable. If you fall into a rabbit whole with your account go into your gmail and change your password. You can always contact roblox if you see something scamish and out of the picture. Never ever ever become an online dater, and stay away from them because they can influence you to start online dating. If you are sad and depressed try and make friends and make sure that their not risky. You can create a roblox game if you have the right experience, or if you wanna do it for fun, but it's complicated. Everytime you play roblox make sure you don't give out any of your personal information. And even if you might think that your the boss, don't bully. If you are being harrased use the report system and make sure you don't report someone for nothing. If you are having issues getting along with a friend then just unfriend them and find a new one or talk to them about it. And don't accuse anybody for the way that they dress (Mostly accused for being an oder.) Stay away from creepy old men who will harm you in the real world, (People who spend way too much time with kids.) 
                          And finally, I hope all of these tips have helped you in any way possible, If some of this stuff is personal and i am being annoying, just move on with your life and forget i wrote this. And if all of this doesn't work and you still feel uncomftorable, read somebody else's article.
                                                                                                                        Be safe and goodbye! 

    Rate this article Roblox Currency Training/Roblox Tips

    (4.53/5) 155 rates

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    4 may 2020 14:38

    Thanks I actually learnt something from this

    27 may 2020 07:58

    Ghx fof all

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    29 may 2019 08:19

    this game is quite popular

    18 march 2019 14:12

    thx for the tips and really Roblox is the best game of all time

    11 march 2020 02:23

    i love this page

    22 december 2019 17:30

    Hello guys my name me know how to do it for the song is that the vid gonna

    29 may 2019 07:57

    I LOVE ROBLOX!!!!!!

    11 august 2019 06:54

    Thx for the tips

    14 march 2019 11:44