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    About Unlimited Ninja

    Unlimited Ninja is a browser MMORPG. The action of which unfolds in the universe, an extremely popular manga anime. You play as cheerful hero that constantly travels in search of exciting adventures, performing various tasks, hunting demons and battling computer opponents and other players. Unlimited Ninja, has a branched storyline and excellent viscous audio-visual music.
    In the browser game Unlimited Ninja, we have a choice of 3 classes, both female and male: Ghost Blade, Spirit Blade, and Kido, each of which is characterized by different abilities and style of play. Ghost Blade focuses on melee combat. Spirit Blade on the shooting, and Kido supports allies and distracts opponents.

    In addition to interesting battles with computer opponents, you can also compete against other players in PvP matches. The battles in the Unlimited Ninja, occur in a turn-based system in the arenas, and implemented in an extremely interesting and effective way - this merit, fantastic graphics.

    16064 users are playing Unlimited Ninja

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    Opinions about Unlimited Ninja

    Looks good but it only gave 30 gems D:

    4 november 2017 11:57

    Compare to divine storm, this game took a bit longer time to level up.

    7 november 2017 16:52

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