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SAO’s Legend is a game created in the famous universe of Sword Art Online. It tells us a story of a boy, who along with other players, has been trapped in the game universe and in order to get out of it, he has to fight until the end, to win the whole game.

Play as a brave hero and fight to defend the Goddess.

The game gives us a lot of features and quests, which definitely won’t give the player an opportunity to get bored. The graphics, typical to a manga and anime series, should please every Otaku.

A pleasant gameplay and balanced micropayments provide us a certitude that nothing will disturb our play session.

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2 june 2017 10:20

ahahaahahahahhh so funny i got 30lvl screenshot and cannot be accepted!! idiotic

2 june 2017 12:55


2 june 2017 22:02

It's the same for me too, just glad it didn't take a stupid amount of time

4 june 2017 15:03

nice game

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W tym artykule postaram się opisać grę, w którą miałem przyjemność dzisiaj zagrać. Postaram się, aby moja opinia była obiektywna, zapraszam do artykułu!!

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