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    About League of Angels II

    League of Angels II is a sequel of one of the most popular free-to-play MMO games. The creators of this cult game provide us a gameplay of an even better quality. The graphics, the sound effects and the storyline greatly outweighs the first game. The missions are extremely fascinating and our team is characterized by a diversity of attacks and spells. All these things make League of Angels II a game with a sensational gameplay, both for the fans of the first game and for those, who didn’t really like the “1”.

    Newest players from League of Angels II (in total 32053 users are playing)

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    Comments for League of Angels II (138) -

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    5 december 2017 16:50

    this task is for normal or elite?cause I did the normal one and it was refused

    5 december 2017 16:59


    6 december 2017 02:59

    I've been rejected 2 times and I send it again. This time I finished elit version too. Let's see if they still reject.

    7 december 2017 17:00

    good game

    9 december 2017 17:05

    beyler oyun güzel oynaması falan grafikleri biraz düşük ama olsun görev çok basit 2. bölümü tamamen bitirdikten sonra screeenshotınızı alıyor yaklaşık 5 dk sonra 140 SG Site bakiyenizde duruyor Bol Şans :)

    9 december 2017 22:56


    10 december 2017 13:51

    :) oynayın derim beleş 140 Soul Gems alıyonuz. (:

    10 december 2017 21:30

    usta sen nasıl kazandın.44. lvl oldum normallerde 8. bölüme 45 lvl olma şartından başlayamadım.elittede 5. haritanın ortasına geldim 1 günde rahat geliyon.neyse 2. bölüm bitmiş resmini attım 3. bölüm bitmiş resmi attım kabul etmiyolar.
    english(bro how did you win.I was in 44. normal chapters 7 finished and elit chapters is the middle of the 5th line. I was comfortable in 1 day. I finished the 2nd chapter of the picture. I finished the 3rd chapter of the picture.still rejected WHY.....?

    11 december 2017 15:48

    güzel oyun tavsiye ederim ekran görüntünüzü gönderiyorsunuz ve 140 SG alıyorsunuz :)

    12 december 2017 18:47

    ağa yeni kullanıcı istiyor :)


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