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    A browser game in which we’re playing as a ruler of an Empire! Our main objectives are the expansion, the conquest and the victory! It’s a much expanded economic strategy game providing us lots of emotions and satisfaction. Improve your city, conquer others, extend your army and your influence. Make alliances or wage wars! You can prove yourself as an excellent strategist; an extensive world and the amount of possibilities make sure that you’ll find something for yourself. Everything accompanied by the nice graphics. Will you change the fate of other players? The world of Imperia Online is waiting just for you!

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    Comments for Imperia Online (93) -

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    28 november 2017 10:03

    prettt goog game, but is the same concept as clash of clans enz.

    29 november 2017 12:57

    How can i send my screenshot?

    30 november 2017 12:28

    Is it hard to complete it?

    1 december 2017 14:56

    Come ricevo le gemme ho raggiunto 500 punti

    1 december 2017 15:26

    Ma quali sono le 500 gemme?

    1 december 2017 17:52

    если не секрет 500 очков чего

    1 december 2017 18:27

    Come si gioca gratis?

    3 december 2017 01:37

    Come si mette in italiano gamehag?

    3 december 2017 15:01

    Nice game advice you to play it

    9 december 2017 22:18

    my id is taken but i use different user name but gamehag dont accept.


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