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    Are you an angel? Or maybe a devil? Discover that in AION! Pick from one of the conflicted sides: Asmodian and Elyos, perpetually fighting with each other, or the cruelly evil Balaurs! Make progress as your character by eight different ways, at your own discretion and enjoy the beautiful, open world of Aion. Stunning graphics, which are based on the tiniest environmental details delight even the most exigent of players. Develop your character, acquire the beautiful wings and make your dream come true – fly to the sky! Interesting missions, combined with an exploration of this beautiful, drawn out of a fairy tale land won't give you even a shortest break. Don’t wait too long and join this amazing world, where a greatness of missions, new friends and a brand new adventure can’t stand to wait for you!

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    29 october 2017 14:32

    It says "This game isn't available in your country" ...

    29 october 2017 14:36

    Hmmm - but I did play it earlier ...

    29 october 2017 14:37

    And still from the same country 🙂 ...

    1 november 2017 11:34

    mivan ez egy nagyon de nagyon ratyi jatek

    11 november 2017 14:37


    11 november 2017 17:07

    holly hase

    11 november 2017 17:11


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    13 november 2017 13:37



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