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    Appzone maximum daily limit

    What is the daily limit on how many ads you can view on appzone and get soulgems

    6 may 2019 13:30 1628

    You can earn 100 SG daily from the ads, but the counter for those ads only resets exactly 24 hours after you play the first ad of the day. Depending on the region, the daily limit can reach up 200 SG (not 100% confirmed) according to several users in the past.

    6 may 2019 13:34 1628

    105sg/ 107 sg w mannaz rune, you can report spam and earn more or vote article

    6 may 2019 13:41 1628

    Thanks for the help humans, really helpfull advice! :-D

    6 may 2019 13:54 1628

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