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    war thuder VS world of Tanks

    Hello i am playing both games for a wail and enjoin both. There are many differences between War Thunder and World of Tanks. Game play is different World of Tanks us more tactical approach to use Tank stats like spotting. and more survive ability like hit points to balance out. War Thunder use more realistic approach were spotting is very hard covers like bushes is very good tank handling is more complicated in war thunder. But how to choose between bout game witch one you want to play witch is better to play? Conclusion: If you like strategic game where you need to play whit team and win by good strategy out play out smart the opponent it is World of Tanks If you like realistic chaotic game play whit lot of action snaky tank fight its War thunder. Hope i make you to choose one or both if you like it.

    30 april 2019 09:20 4812

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