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    Magic: The Gathering Arena

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    Game is now gone, no more task?

    So for some reason the game has now dissapeared from the Game list page, i started doing tasks for this game some days ago and got the first task complete, i started doing the second, witch was to collect over 4000 ingame, and now when i finally reached it, the game is gone. Enyone else having same problem?

    24 april 2019 13:56 3433

    yeah idk, not even in the gamelist enymore, if i use the search bar i find it, but there is no tasks to complete. guess they regionlocked it

    24 april 2019 22:21 3433

    I think its gone

    12 july 2019 13:55 3433


    7 september 2019 18:22 3433

    So far ot does not have any tasks for it but this game is a good game

    19 september 2019 15:45 3433

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