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    (4.16/5) 56 rates

    Soul worker online

    Ok so i see a lot of bad words on this game but i think they are all false when its comes to mmo rpg games this is pretty good free2play. i've been playing since the beta of the game on the japense and reach level 55 then come back to the english beta and reach level 30 and stop playing since i dont have anyone to play the game with me most of the free2play mmorpgs are p2w but this one is not really p2w you can get more inventory slots or clothes but weapons and such dont really change the game play like most p2w games i think this is the best anime mmorpg game right now and as beta tester of kurtzpel and a:ir and a lot of other mmorpgs this one is my favorite

    22 april 2019 15:04 2866

    Oooh! Another anime video game. From what you've said, it's pretty cool?

    2 june 2019 18:46 2866

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