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    Guild Wars 2

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    Are the expansions worth buying?

    Used to play this game a while ago (free version) but I didn't get too far in before changing computers and leaving it behind :( I'm thinking of downloading it again but should I also consider buying the expansions? Is the game "playable" without them? Or is not having them severely hindering?

    11 april 2019 23:39 2837

    if i remember correct, this game don't have eny levelcap like Wow has "Pay for membership to continue level up", in wow when you reach level 20 or 30, you can't do enything, you are basicly stuck on the tutorial island untill you start giving money, but in guildwars you don't, if they havent changed something since i last played ofc

    *after a quick google search level 80 looks to be the max in the freeversion.

    12 april 2019 02:08 2837

    I hope I'm not too late to be useful.

    You don't need the expansions to still have fun in the game and it certainly is still playable. You have the same level cap as everyone else and can get the highest tiers of gear. That being said, I would still strongly recommend getting the expansions. Not only does the base game come included when you buy an expansion, but you get a decent boost in build diversity with the new specializations for the base game classes. Not only that, they keep releasing new content tied to the expansions every few months which is considerable better quality than the base game (anet has clearly been learning and improving their storytelling as they go).

    30 april 2019 22:01 2837

    Well, to be honest you do not really need this to enjoy the game it is pretty fun even without it! You just have to get into playing it.

    28 august 2019 19:44 2837

    Hi,dont buy

    14 october 2019 09:08 2837

    Hi i am suzer i dont have this

    14 october 2019 10:32 2837

    No im not

    14 october 2019 10:34 2837

    Alın alın ama zenginseniz

    14 october 2019 12:16 2837

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