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    do you like being a snake and just sitting in grass drinking energy drinks or do you like rushing and getting as many frags as possible or just camping for the win?

    11 april 2019 14:55 3272

    i might have to mark that as spam
    sorry but it's obvious i speak english and not that language, i don't even know what it is

    11 april 2019 23:12 3272

    my style is to get as many kills that i can . so it depends all along the game

    21 april 2019 20:40 3272

    haha camping im a noob sorry man

    10 july 2019 12:48 3272

    my style is to sneak near the safe zone an kill everyone with sniper.

    13 july 2019 16:13 3272

    I prefer to run from house to house and hang around, when I already get a normal gear, then I go on a parachute. Naturally parallel with the loot I kill everyone I notice. Thus, I almost always win with 7–12 kills per game.

    20 july 2019 05:44 3272

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