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    If you want to get more SG from the Appzone, perform some other tasks!

    There are no more soul gems. Finally, the only way to get soul gems simply adds another obstacle. They always want to squeeze out your surplus value, but they don't want to give you too much. I want to exchange steam wallet, but I can't wait for low recharge steam wallet, and high steam wallet are more difficult to achieve in the current situation. Now I only get 11 soul gems a day in the appzone, and I will pop up the damn hint. how much do you get?

    6 april 2019 02:15 1628

    I only got 23 soul gems. It's time to give up.

    6 april 2019 02:18 1628

    I only got one soul gem today, and it told me:"IF YOU WANT TO GET MORE SG FROM THE APPZONE, PERFORM SOME OTHER TASKS!"

    6 april 2019 02:22 1628

    Tbh, I got around 93 sg from appzone.

    6 april 2019 12:14 1628

    I get 100sg on a daily basis... Smth is wrong maybe?

    6 april 2019 12:49 1628

    guys do quizes from offer walls it worked for me this method hopefully this resolves your issue for now

    6 april 2019 13:40 1628

    I got 26 SG yesterday and 99 SG today before that dumb message popped up. Quiz and surveys never worked for me, so ads is the only way for SG from app zone.

    6 april 2019 17:46 1628

    I wasted like an hour just now to do the Lucky wheel quiz it took me 5 minutes to get it auto verified and i was like giving up already; same notification i saw again and this is for a 3rd day in a row am doing offers this means that under the new system appzone will work only if you do a random task like every day its become extremely difficult to keep on doing it consistently like we used to :(

    6 april 2019 22:53 1628

    Try to do some other tasks.

    15 april 2019 20:53 1628

    DarkGreiga me too, Quiz and surveys never work :(

    16 april 2019 09:29 1628

    Try another tasks in contracts, installing app or game that requires a simple task could be an easy gems. Then, you can get SG from appzone again. You can complete some easy quizes too.

    18 april 2019 17:10 1628

    quizes and surveys don't work but game tasks do, and they are the best source of SG.

    18 april 2019 17:52 1628

    I've seen users reporting that the mobile game tasks don't work and in general it's not always the best source of SG. Users from different countries can be paid different amount of SG depending on how much the game company wants to pay players from different countries. For example, the War Thunder task was promoted to give like over 1000 SG but for me it's only 200 SG. It's kinda unfair, but this is something Gamehag can't help with.

    18 april 2019 18:21 1628

    I remember someone from gamehag said that how much the companies(?) of a country has invested on gamehag reflects on the way the rewards are being sold/to be bought and tasks being unavailable/available. I hope you get the point. In that manner, i think gamehag is fair, the only problem is their system or perhaps how they handle things in here i.e (1)The reward system,(2)Support system and etc.

    19 april 2019 20:59 1628

    Mine is 100 but sometimes more.

    20 april 2019 07:36 1628

    Guys i got over 600 point from ads

    25 april 2019 11:43 1628

    I wish they could at least warn us that we have reached the limit of the sg earned from ads. And quizes doesn't really work for me. I did a Disney quiz and only got 3% correct. And I grew up with Disney movies.

    25 april 2019 12:53 1628

    When does the daily limit reset ?

    27 april 2019 13:16 1628

    at 00:00 gtm+1

    3 march 2020 12:53 1628

    You see, the thing with tasks and ads on gamehag is that it's country or ip related and in some countries you get more and better tasks and ads but in some other countries you don't. Simple as that

    3 march 2020 13:12 1628

    Appzone is the best way of earning..I earn about 50-60 soul gems per day!!

    3 march 2020 14:33 1628

    None of the surveys work for me

    3 march 2020 14:43 1628

    You can play videos there and hope to get some SG

    3 march 2020 14:47 1628

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