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    Help my m8 from vietnam cannot take advantage off of ios device help

    Ok look; please read full topic before reporting this thread for spam;
    thing is my friend i invited him via my referral link but it didnt show up in my list of referrals then after using my unique code (Scared to share here as might get reported) that didnt work either.
    Then i shared with him offers like lords mobile and final fantasy both offers are available on ios and lords mobile shows up for me as well but when he clicks on either of these links it doesnt show play button can some one else from vietnam tell me how he can take advantage of him having the ios platform as i thought more offers available here please help me so i can guide him further; thanks!!!

    31 march 2019 16:47 1628

    Offers are different in every country.

    31 march 2019 22:07 1628

    offer are diffrent at every location

    22 november 2019 15:54 1628

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