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    Any of you guys ever met a famous user in-game?

    What was it like meeting them? Did you chat with them?

    17 march 2019 05:40 2173

    i don't love roblox a all

    20 march 2019 14:35 2173

    No, (I assume you mean youtubers)

    20 march 2019 15:14 2173

    I just say no.... UwU that's all.. If I met I will jump in the window XD

    20 march 2019 19:15 2173

    yea i saw many on yt

    20 march 2019 20:37 2173

    Never in game, only on videos haha. What about you?

    20 march 2019 20:59 2173

    Oh I met the owner of a game once

    20 march 2019 23:33 2173

    I met an admin in Roblox Egg Hunt 2018, i don't remember his name.

    21 march 2019 18:35 2173

    I swear i saw twisted pandora in mining simulator i saw my self in youtube yayy

    1 april 2019 08:29 2173

    I met Phoeberry, she was nice. In Royale High

    1 april 2019 15:14 2173

    no i do not know if i met someone like that

    1 april 2019 15:59 2173

    I met deeterplays while he was doing his live video giving out all 3 special pizzas for the pizza event and I met a dev (im not sure tho but i got the badge anyway) during the bloxy event lmao

    4 april 2019 02:31 2173

    I've never met anyone. Not sure I want to, but maybe. I feel like they might get more hate than they deserve. Admins/mods get kinda hated on for being someone in a position of power on Roblox when they were likely not responsible for a lot of the bad decisions Roblox is being criticized for. YouTubers I feel are just generally not that great, and they probably get hate for playing Roblox to begin with. Too much hate toward those people, and in the community itself. Roblox itself also just generally gets kinda hated on for no good reason. At least we get good memes out of it lol.

    4 april 2019 02:36 2173

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