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    I was at level 3 and now I fell back to lvl 2... It's now on 97 percent, so it's not a big deal, but did this hapen because I hadn't had a comment in the past few weeks?

    28 february 2019 18:15 1628

    yes thats why try do comment at least once on forum everyday

    28 february 2019 18:52 1628

    not every day for sure but at least once per week for sure

    28 february 2019 19:24 1628

    it's most likely because one of your coments where marked as spam.

    28 february 2019 19:33 1628

    Most likely it happened because of comments that got deleted on spam threads, even if you're comment isn't spam it gets removed along with it

    28 february 2019 20:06 1628

    Thank you all, now I'm locking the thread!

    28 february 2019 20:24 1628

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