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    GameHag - problems

    So, I've been wondering how long are you guys active on this site and what motivates you to visit it daily. I've been an active user for the past two months and I'm starting to lose interest. It looks cool when you start and I can understand the exhilaration of new members when they see shiny chests with new games they can "win", but once you complete game tasks, you're stuck with daily gems and the ones you earn by watching ads. And even when you can finally afford to buy a chest, you get cheap "random" game that you can win on other sites with giveaways. The reason for this "rant" is this: I wanted more gems and I did a few articles which were accepted at first (earned 500-600 gems), but now they're getting rejected for "reasons". It bothers me because the site clearly has no problem accepting copy-pasted or google-translated articles. And I even caught a few "cheaters", which now I regret. If the mods can't catch them, why should I bother? You are not rewarded for it and cheaters' articles are still on the site. So, did anyone else have a similar experience? Do you still open chests, even though you know you always get cheap "random" game? Were you trying to be an active member and got punished for it?

    17 february 2019 19:49 1628

    Honestly, posting a copy-paste article isn't about being an active member but simply abusing the system for xp, and you know that. I don't blame you though, or those who try to exploit the flaw in the system, it's the design itself that causes all these spam articles and flood of meaningless three-word comments ... no wonder the mods can't keep up with all that mess. Imho, to sort this out, Gamehag should either redesign the xp ganing and leveling system to have much less room for abuse, or they should get rid of the level 3 restriction for claiming rewards, cause that's what causes the problem at the first place.
    And yes, you have to grind a lot for those gems, but that's undersatndable ... I mean you can't realistically expect them to give away AAA games (basicly for free) like every second day and for every user.
    What I see as more of a problem is the tons of bugs. Currently it feels like there isn't any soul gem acquiring function that isn't bugged ... from mini games randomly giving or not giving gems (even though you reached the required score) ... through contract tasks that you completed earlier but later reappear among the offers, and after you do them again nothing happens ... to the article rating wich somedays pays off the gems you should get for it but more days don't.
    It can be really frustrating when you put the effort into these things and at the end, in return you don't get a single gem. It would be a major improvement if they could get rid of these bugs.

    18 february 2019 03:13 1628

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