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    how to create article?

    How can I write one?

    27 january 2019 02:33 1628

    You need to be on your computer, fo articles, press write an article. Choose what it is about, put a good thumbnail and get writing. Remember to make it interesting, add photos and make it 2500+ chars

    27 january 2019 17:19 1628

    go see first page general discussion

    1 february 2019 10:55 1628

    it s a hard way

    1 february 2019 16:22 1628

    @sarecher you can get 500SG for some article (agree from some user) and 500+ SG if your article is very good (also like from moderator). You will get a lot of SG if your article is quite interesting.

    2 february 2019 10:56 1628

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