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    Not getting ANY XP for the past 2-3 days.

    I'm quite active on the forums as I wanna keep leveling up for gems, but for the past couple of days I have not been getting any xp whatsoever, regardless if I'm commenting, writing artcles or anything else. Anybody else have this problem?

    25 january 2019 14:57 1628

    Funny how I just got 2 xp for making this.
    Edit: Didn't get any for this comment though.

    25 january 2019 14:57 1628

    I don't know why, the experience value is not always available at the beginning of yesterday.

    25 january 2019 15:39 1628

    i dont get any xp for comments,dont know why

    27 february 2019 21:45 1628

    Maybe you only get XP for a certain number of comments per each day? Then, if you create more comments than that, it stops crediting? I hope someone with more experience can provide some insight.

    27 february 2019 21:57 1628

    I have been having a similar problem. I assume it detects a large volume of even serious comments as spam and locks it. I understand why that would be the case, but it still is a tad annoying.

    27 february 2019 23:32 1628

    that might be true, i had a few days where i didn't get any kind of reward, not xp and not sg, i got the sg and i got som e xp not as much as i should have gotten. There is a limit to how many coments a day that will give xp.

    27 february 2019 23:59 1628

    There is a limit on how much XP you can get by commenting, I tink it is five per day.

    26 december 2019 23:50 1628

    its 5 per day but even so i still cant get xp idk why

    27 december 2019 00:49 1628

    I havent been getting any after like 5 comments

    27 december 2019 09:10 1628

    I have been having a similar problem.

    27 december 2019 09:20 1628

    wanna join my game!

    27 december 2019 09:33 1628

    i have the problem that everytime i lvl up to lvl 3 the game just makes me go back to lvl 2 because i dont know how but say that i have disgraceful behaviour

    27 december 2019 11:23 1628

    I feel like most people here have the same issue. Either they don't get exp, their exp goes down for no reason, or they lose a level for "disgraceful behavior". I think that if people lose levels for 'disgraceful behavior' or if their exp goes down there should be some sort of warning or notification for what they did. For exp you don't even get a notification. I think its very unfair and quite possibly, rigged.

    27 december 2019 12:06 1628

    It's happening sometimes gamehagmust fix this problem

    13 march 2020 18:03 1628

    My XP is decreasinf for no reason... I almost lvl up to lvl3 T_T

    28 march 2020 22:35 1628

    I think multiple rejections of tasks could also influence your level. As soon as I get rejected for a task I tend to just create a new account. Sure, it's double the investment for the reward, but it's better than constant rejection and arguing with Misty.

    29 march 2020 01:15 1628

    I have the same issue. I got my xp just fine from playing games in contract but I only ever comment when it matters and those comments does not yield any xp at all. Hope the moderators can read this thread and help us 😁

    29 march 2020 07:25 1628

    Bnde anlamadım

    29 march 2020 09:53 1628

    Same, it's not working for me

    29 march 2020 10:09 1628

    Same, I'm making comments, and my experience is stuck.

    29 march 2020 10:38 1628

    this happens to me alot and my level goes back for no reason

    29 march 2020 12:43 1628

    same its realy weird, probably "spammed" too much or theres a cap on amount of xp per day

    1 april 2020 09:39 1628

    it feels really buggy here cause xp is eather going or not going to you

    1 april 2020 10:02 1628

    You can only get xp if you comment and play games?

    4 april 2020 15:26 1628

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