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    Why roblox is the best game ever!

    Its really fun and plus you have over hundreds of games to play so i recommend you play roblox instead of that stupid fortnite

    1 january 2019 20:21 2173

    big boof just trying to get to level 3 still

    1 january 2019 20:22 2173

    Yeah. I hate Fortnite, it sucks. And why do people say that Roblox has copuroghted Minecraft?! It’s nothing like it!

    1 january 2019 20:52 2173

    ikr roblox is the best i dont get why people say that lol

    1 january 2019 20:53 2173

    Do you both understand roblox games are mostly copied, and roblox is surely a money hungry corporation, and remember most of the games there are just waisting your time and money.

    1 january 2019 21:33 2173

    While I agree that Roblox is way better than Fortnite (which you can funnily enough play a version of in Roblox), I wouldn't say it's the best game ever - at least not for me. I personally think the first Far Cry game is the greatest game of all time but that is just my opinion.

    1 january 2019 21:45 2173

    Im a roblox enthusiast, I completely agree.

    2 january 2019 01:03 2173

    i like roblox

    2 january 2019 07:32 2173

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