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    How to sell things what do you not need

    I dont know i think you must do something

    31 december 2018 13:06 1628

    i dont think you can do that

    31 december 2018 16:40 1628

    Hope we can sell things soon

    1 january 2019 07:58 1628

    gamehag used to allow us to resell items that we dont want or needed...like reselling games and runes you got from random chests...but now they removed the feature to do so...i really want that feature back as well...😓

    1 january 2019 17:41 1628

    Yeah u can sell games, that work for me, sold like three games which i got from bought chest. But i dont think u can sell games you bought without the chest or from chest which were for free. Gems are not alowed to sell what i know, games are sometimes.

    1 january 2019 22:38 1628

    Maybe it will be available someday?

    2 january 2019 02:08 1628

    if you buy a chest from gamehag and don't like/don't need what's inside, you can choose to resell the item you received for a lower price (for me,it's usually 199 gems). items that you've put into your inventory, however, cannot be resold any longer.

    6 january 2019 04:53 1628

    rewards you recieved from FREE CHESTS cannot be sold, only the ones you get from chests you actually bought can be sold, cheers!

    6 january 2019 13:25 1628

    free trade always comes with many problems.

    6 january 2019 15:45 1628

    I wish selling games were still around in gamehag

    6 january 2019 17:24 1628

    not possible tho;(

    10 march 2019 18:44 1628

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