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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    (4.61/5) 1449 rates

    CS:GO Was Free???

    So, it was just a normally day and one day I saw CS:GO was free!! I already bought it so when my friends told me I got excited. They could finally play with me! But, my friends haven't been playing recently xd. How did you guys feel when it got free?

    13 december 2018 03:18 808

    I got almost 245 hours play time... I bought it like a month before it became free to play xD

    13 december 2018 09:42 808

    Feel's sad when you buy something than all your friends play it for free

    14 december 2018 11:29 808

    CSGO is free right now

    24 december 2018 21:19 808

    Because of danger zone

    24 december 2018 22:46 808

    I dont like it :( now there is toooooo mane cheaters...

    25 december 2018 21:42 808

    There are so many cheaters now that its free though thankfully if you have premium you can play with other premium members

    27 december 2018 11:00 808

    was so happy its free, but i dont rly like the game, rip

    27 december 2018 21:16 808

    i bought the game literally a few weeks before it was free

    27 december 2018 23:52 808

    if the battle royal was free only and the main modes kept payed would be better than having hackers spread everywhere.

    30 december 2018 08:12 808

    Free of charge and free of bug and cheat expereince lol

    30 december 2018 08:43 808

    On cs:go free edition you can only play singleplayer and watch live casual matches or tournaments...

    30 december 2018 09:01 808

    I feel bad for people that paid for the game before because now people get item drops, cases, and prime if they pay the $15 price, the same price as the full game before, but they can play multiplayer for free, which is just about the only thing that people paying for the game before had played. Noone really cared about the item drops because it usually gave like 3 cent skins and prime helped at first but now it isn't really useful. I have 1700+ hours on CS:GO and I feel the same. So basically everyone before paid for just about the same experience the free players will get, without getting anything else really useful.

    30 december 2018 23:40 808

    Yes but why is for free now is it for me bad game because big much noob players join and ye guys destroy game

    2 january 2019 09:32 808

    The CSGo is Free in Steam GOod!

    2 january 2019 16:08 808

    its free now

    2 january 2019 21:51 808

    Yes but u need prime to play becouse is a lot hackers...

    2 january 2019 21:53 808

    geçmişten beri bir counter furyası var ve dünya çapında yeri çok büyük bir oyun eski efsane eskise bile oynanmaktan vaz geçilmiyor

    3 january 2019 15:18 808

    Everybody use hack lol

    11 january 2019 18:14 808

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