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    Star Conflict

    (4.11/5) 243 rates

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    750 1163
    Soul Gems

    For 3 tasks

    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Win 5 battles

    Completing the Task?

    i was wondering how its possible to complete many people among my self are scratching their heads about this one

    12 december 2018 19:28 41

    No idea, played and won over 5 battles yet the stats don't update...?

    12 december 2018 22:20 41

    Well I took screens (windowed with my GH account showing in the background) of 5 different wins and uploaded that and was accepted, did the same for 10 wins (just sent another 5 screens)

    They need to fix the stats 😒

    13 december 2018 02:54 41

    i semi get what you saying but honestly,i had one to many drinks lol. would u upload a image for me S2

    13 december 2018 05:08 41

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