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    how long to complete?

    how long to reach lv 20? Does it worth it?

    7 december 2018 19:57 2203

    I completed it, but I actually enjoyed it. It's plays a little like WoW, but it is very unique, and the quest (episode) system is seemless. Watch a video or two on youtube really quick and see the game play. It's not hard to master.

    8 december 2018 18:47 2203

    Edit: Depending on your skills, less than an hour for first task (after download), about another hour to complete the second task, and then the last tast takes the longest with another two-three hours. It is not tedious like WoW.

    8 december 2018 18:55 2203

    this is too much they should lower the requirements for lv 15

    9 december 2018 00:13 2203

    Whats that xd?

    11 december 2018 20:30 2203

    sItAr TıRrRrEk mOrUq

    11 december 2018 20:34 2203

    I completed the first one, but have been waiting a long time for the verification. Has anyone else had this problem?

    12 december 2018 04:33 2203

    it's not suppose to take more than a day

    12 december 2018 15:20 2203

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