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    CSGO is now 100% Free 2 Play.

    Today Csgo got a pretty big update. It includes a New skins for the MP5 a new Case, and one thing that suprised me alot, was that the game went full f2p. Another big suprise was the Battle royal mode "Dangerzone" Im a veteran in the counter strike series and have played since CS 1.5 "HalfLife Mod". And this was probly the point in where im happy to say, that i will never install this game ever again. I was planning to do it today, but when the update came, im happy to say that i had enough. But if enyone is interested to read more about "Dangerzone" i leave Link to official site with all the information you need, also there is an option to buy "Prime" so i leave a link to that to. http://www.counter-strike.net/dangerzone Noprime "Free2play" Vs "Prime" https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2600-RIPD-8554&auth=6b8e3c97cfdea74dc9c40fa966e4bab8#noprime

    6 december 2018 23:57 808

    CS:GO is now free to play.🤧😢

    7 december 2018 06:09 808

    Cheaters heaven is what I see

    7 december 2018 11:04 808

    mchetvorkata, yes exactly and the toxicity will rise. 90% of the matches in Nonprime is cheaters. Not that welcoming for new players. Csgo will be just like Dota2 in some weeks.

    7 december 2018 12:34 808

    If you own or buy the game you will get prime by adding your number to steam so only cheater heaven on f2p not prime.

    8 december 2018 08:22 808

    Right now CSGO has 692k concurrent players. Wow

    8 december 2018 15:54 808

    Imagine some new players want to come and try out the game.. They will meet hackers,and toxic players and more of this shady kind. But if you buy the game, or grind ahead you can meet atleast safe place..

    9 december 2018 16:28 808

    Welp, Now it's going to be extremely toxic. GG to my favriote game besides fortnite.

    9 december 2018 17:50 808

    Feedbackz, exactly there is only cheater in Non Prime, and that is what you get from playing F2p, it will probly be a high player count the first month, but after that im sure it will go down to lower then ever. People will get toxic for sure.. Not to forget, that all the hacker accounts are now Prime to. So you will see an increase of hackers in Prime matchmaking 🧑

    9 december 2018 17:54 808

    i like twosteps

    9 december 2018 22:39 808

    after danger zone map its become free to play thats realy aweaome

    11 december 2018 06:56 808

    in someway it is good it's free to play, but not regarding cheaters :)

    11 december 2018 14:02 808

    lol free m8. i can sell cs:go prime acc for 500 SG, Msg me. i will give the full steam and g-mail acc.

    12 december 2018 15:14 808

    *** rip csgo -*-

    13 december 2018 02:15 808

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